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Can’t wait for the new album now! Made me happy to see Tony there, too.

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You know, this song is fantastic btw.

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Someone get Dave Grohl really wasted tonight so he reveals the album release date on live tv.

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we’re making memes out of old memes the very concept of a meme is wrapping around itself into this eternal meme paradox i cant even tell whats ironic anymore and i am very afraid

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"I want Joshua Homme to win the grammy he so richly deserves this year because next to Kanye West he made the world’s greatest record in 2013. And also because he’s the last of the true, dangerous, bone fide rockstars left on this planet. Aside of course from the greats who came before him and the delectable Mr Alex Turner who appeared shortly thereafter."
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Josh Homme of Queens of Stone Age at 56th GRAMMY Rehearsal - Interview

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people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

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because she transformed from an innocent child star into a normal adult and people can’t handle it

or bc she’s taking and profiting off of black culture (without the societal consequences of being black) and using black women as accessories? not everyone who finds her problematic is being stupid???

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